The Homework Debate: The Key Takeaways For Parents, Teachers And Learners

Is homework good or bad? Should it be banned? Has homework contributed to poor class performance? These are pertinent questions that stakeholders in the education sector constantly have to answer. While after class assignment have always been at the core of the learning process, a raging debate on the pace of these tasks doesn’t seem to end. Whether you are a parent, learner or the teacher, it is important to understand key points in the debate. After all, these assignments affect your life in a big way as a parent when giving out homework help.

This article highlights some key points in this debate. Keep reading.

Homework Causes Stress

This is one of the most outstanding points in this debate as several studies among students have found high levels of stress. However, it is important to note that teachers have always given out work for students since the advent of formal education. The problem is thus too much homework which leaners can’t cope with which inadvertently leads to high-stress levels.

Psychologists and education experts now call upon teachers not to overload their students as this will become counterproductive. If you hand our too much work, your students will come back to school tired and little or no learning will take place.

Homework Should Be Banned

You have most likely encountered this school of thought and surprisingly, it is not just from leaners who want an easier time. Some studies now show that homeworks in multiple subjects don’t help the leaner and instead limit creativity. This school of thought proposes monitored studies after school in place of assignments.

However, education experts argue that it is important for learners to work out problems on their own to develop a sense of responsibility. These problems also help students to apply skills learned in class. The learner also develops a sense of independence by working alone. Ultimately, after-school assignments help learners grow into responsible adults.

Homework Limits Personal Growth

There’s another view which holds that when students have to do homework, it is, in essence, limiting their creativity. Some scholars argue that it is not advisable to limit learners to particular questions after school. Instead, they propose allowing students to explore and experiment concepts learned in class on their own. In this case, learners will have time to play and socialize which is important in their development. However, education experts counter this idea by noting that when left to own devices, learners will not take the initiative to apply skills learned in class. This necessitates structured assignments to help teachers evaluate the learning process.

Reviewing the Good and Bad of Homework Assignments

There’s no denying that this debate brings out crucial issues. On the one hand, the importance after-school assignments cannot be overemphasized. On the other hand, it is important for teachers to avoid overloading their students. Simply put, banning homework is not a solution and instead, teachers should moderate the work given and follow up.

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