Why More Regulators are Reviewing Options for Homework in Schools

Homework for some districts is a thing of the past. Regulators continue to explore reasons behind take home projects with some agreeing they should discontinue. Others feel it may help cut expenses at their schools depending on what is required for assignments and how often they are given. Many forms of homeworks have problems for students that raise questions about whether the concept is worth practicing at all. The following points provide additional insight on what changes may come in the future regarding the concept and what changes are currently in progress at many schools.

Some Are Doing Away with the Task

There are many exploring ways to help others with school assignments through working from home options by providing assistance for assignments online. The task is being dropped by many districts for various reasons. Few find a majority of the students are not submitting their work or don’t bother to do the task. Others feel class instruction should be tailored to accommodate learning needs in the class without sending assignments home. Students with busy schedules such as afterschool activities or part-time jobs may have added stress trying to find time to get the work done.

Funding Concerns

Homework help may cost some districts more money than others for different reasons. Take home assignments may cost some districts additional funds when factoring in elements such as tutoring. If a school provides an additional form of support for such assignments it is another expense. It doesn’t make things better if test scores for the district don’t improve leading to funding cuts. Some homeworky issues may not fix themselves and the only way to save is to get rid of take of assignments. Availability of funding in districts varies depending on student needs and performance. If students are doing poorly throughout the district funding may be reduced.

Some Feel It Doesn’t Help Students Mentally

Does take home assignments provide any mental health benefits? Working with a homework helper may reduce stress but there are mental road blocks students face when doing such work on their own. There are studies suggesting students deal with more stress or get depressed over assignments. Others may deal with frustration and anxiety that makes it more challenging to focus on the work. Some experience pressure from peers to be the best or to be better than others. Few are even taken advantage of by others who don’t want to do the work. These reasons alone are enough for students to avoid doing such work on their own and why many choose to work with a buddy, tutor, or pro writer.

Students that do homework often are required to complete it as part of their coursework. More schools are deciding to do away with giving students take home assignments. While it may help reduce funding some are concerned students skill development may suffer. Students may experience less stress but others hope such work would encourage productivity leading to their career option of choice.